Members of My Family that worked in the Entertainment Industry

Members of Terry Rosenfield-Richards Family that worked in the Entertainment Industry…
Howard Stein Manhattan nightclub owner that started Xenon’s.
My Cousin and Legendary Rock Promoter and New York Night Club Owner Howard Stein who passed on October 05, 2007 at age 62. Howard was the most famous person in our Family.  I am related to Howard by way of my Grandmother Molly Stein (my Mother’s Mother) whose Brother Benny Stein was my great Uncle and Howard’s Grandfather. Howard’s Daughter Taylor Stein currently lives in Los Angeles/Bel Air about a 20-minute ride from where I currently reside…
New York nightlife entrepreneur Howard Stein, notable for his early ’80s spots Xenon (pictured), Rock Lounge, and Au Bar, died Wednesday of kidney cancer. He was 62. The son of loan shark Ruby Stein, who was murdered by the Westies and dumped headless into Jamaica Bay, native New Yorker Stein started his career as a rock-concert promoter, but left that scene for the world of discos and nightclubs when he tired of the music industry and its annoying rock stars. “I remember Cat Stevens telling me he wasn’t coming onstage because the crabs on his backstage menu weren’t Alaskan king crabs,” he told Anthony Haden-Guest. But we can’t imagine disco divas were any less annoying. “My father was an incredible man and a pioneer. He will be greatly missed by us all,” said his daughter, Taylor. (NY Post; Stein photo: Jennifer Weisbord).
Ironically, in about 1972 I had worked at one of Howard’s partnered concerts taking tickets at the gate at a Miami concert via my friend Holt Chater who was friends with Leas Campbell another Rock Concert Promoter in the Miami area who partnered with my Cousin Howard in some of his concerts who also worked that night… Leas was married to Holt’s ex-girlfriend Jeanne with whom Holt had remained good friends. In a 40th Birthday Party tribute to Holt in 1975 which I had coordinated with Holt’s Mother  (may she rest in peace) while I was roommates with Holt. Jeanne and Leas attended Holt’s Birthday Party. When I told Leas that his partner Howard Stein was my cousin he did not believe me for some reason, and even stated “it must be another Howard Stein from New York who is your cousin, not this one”… It was no big deal that Leas did not believe me but this was the kind of pretentious personality that Lease unfortunately had…
Tom Brumberger
My Brother Herbert Rosenfield (stage name) Christopher Cross who died May 30, 2002 at age 69 from Parkinson’s Disease just 9-days prior to his 70th Birthday. Chris as he preferred to be called was my Brother from my Father’s first marriage and he was 16 years older than me. Chris was best known for the Winston Cigarette Billboard in the 1950’s or 1960’s where the guy is buried in the sand with only his head sticking-out and a cigarette in his mouth and a women lighting his cigarette. He was a Member of The Screen Actors Guild and did a lot of extra work and small parts in a couple of movies and one soap opera but most of the time he had to work a regular job, which was mostly running restaurants and night clubs.

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